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Coconut Milk Powder Organic

Coconut Milk Powder Organic

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Premium Coconut Milk Powder, organically grown and harvested with the highest pure coconut content, for maximum nutritional retention. Completely gluten, casein, and dairy free.

Our Organic milk powder produced from the freshest and finest coconuts in Sri Lanka, containing only pure ingredients combined with natural stabilisers. 

Coconut milk powder is excellent for dry applications, confectionery items and other applications where control of viscosity is critical. It is also used as a main ingredient for dairy-free ice cream, yoghurt, bakery products, packed food sauces and beverages and ideal in preparing curries, exotic flavoured sauces and desserts.

A premium product dried at it's natural place of origin. The highest quality product particularly suitable for those with special dietary requirements. 
Our organic coconut milk powder contains 45% fat content.

Origin: Sri Lanka 

Contents: Pure Organic coconut extract (92%), Organic Tapioca maltodextrin (8%)

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